Getting Started with Hat Blocks

Hat blocks are wooden forms carved into the shape of a hat. Hat making materials, like sinamay or felt, are stretched over these blocks to create a hat.

A Look at Millinery Stiffeners

There are many different millinery stiffeners to choose from when creating your hat designs. 

How to Keep Your Hat On

When designing your own hats and headpieces, you must remember to take attachment methods into consideration.

Hat Steamers

Without a doubt, though, having a reliable way to produce steam is vital. Steam is one of a hat maker’s most important tools.

Ribbon for Hat Making

It might seem like a small detail, but don’t underestimate the importance of ribbon for hat making.

10 Household Items for Hat Making

If you are new to hat making, getting your studio established with the equipment you need can be confusing and expensive.

Getting Started with Millinery Wire

Millinery wire is one of the most basic materials in hat making and has a multitude of uses.

Hand Sewing

Basic stitches for hand sewing you need to know to make hats.

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