About Me

My name is Amy Fowler, and I work from my home studio in McKinleyville, CA, on the ocean near the beautiful Redwoods National Forest. In 2012 I started my millinery business, Humboldt Haberdashery.

I started teaching myself to make hats, and started my supply business to help support my new interest. Since then, as my abilities have grown, so has my supply business, to the point i was able to leave my full time job in 2016.

SInce then, I have received certification through Hat Academy, and studied millinery at the London College of fashion. I am also a member of the Millinery Guilds in the United States, and Australia. I have had my work shown in London, Ireland and across the United States.


I love millinery and fashion design, and I am thankful that it is my full time career. I would love to help grow the millinery industry in the United States so we have the same opportunities to study and compete as are found internationally.My goal is to provide affordable, quality supplies for all levels of hat makers, to to provide information on how to develop your skills, or just make a hat for fun.

I use all of the materials I sell, so you can be assured of the quality. My long term goal is to have a site with tutorials for all the products for sale, with examples of how to use the products using my millinery design. Please check back as this site is a work in progress and always expanding. This web page, like the rest of my work, is a one woman enterprise.

You can reach me (Amy) at info@humboldthaberdashery.com. Yyou can also follow my millinery adventures on my Instagram at Humboldt Haberdashery. Thank you for visiting!


Amy Fowler