Finding the Best Feathers for Millinery

One of the most historically popular and elegant hat trimmings is feathers. 

What is Sinamay?

One of the most popular hat making materials (and one of my favorites), sinamay is a natural straw fabric made from abaca fibers

5 Glues for Hat Making

Sometimes using glue is just something you must do to work with a specific hat making material.

Millinery Dyes: Creating Custom Colors for Your Hats

As you expand your millinery skills, it is useful to learn how to do custom dyeing for your clients. 

Using Veiling in Millinery

One of the classiest details you can add to a millinery design is a veil. Veils add an air of mystery and romance to any look.

Leather for Making Hats

Leather is a durable and flexible material that can be used for a variety of millinery applications, from blocking hat shapes to making flowers and trims.

Shopping for Secondhand Millinery Supplies

Garage and estate sales (or car boot sales in the UK) are great local, inexpensive opportunities to source millinery materials. 

Top Tips for Working with Crin

For creating unusual and elegant trims and effects, one of the most versatile materials you will find is crinoline (commonly known as crin). 

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