Madame Paulette: Hollywood Hats, Parisian Style

Paulette entered the world of fashion as a millinery model then salesperson. In 1925 with no formal millinery or fashion education she opened a small salon and started selling her first handmade hats. 

Bill Cunningham the Hat Maker: William J

William J hats were daring and imaginative. They included such outrageous designs as an octopus with tentacles wrapping around the head, a fish hat with glittering scales and a giant clam shell which the wearer’s face peeked out of like a shining pearl.

Halston: Milliner and Superstar Designer

There are several famous fashion designers who began their careers as milliners. Halston, one of the first great American designers, is one of them. 

Rose Bertin: The First of the Celebrity Milliners

Although the history and use of hats goes back thousands of years for religious and protective wear, the millinery industry wasn’t established as a profession until the 18th century. The first famous milliner was the French fashion designer Marie-Jeanne Rose Bertin. 

Sally Victor: Millinery Mogul

From the 1930’s to 1950’s, a hat was a required accessory, and America was a leader in designer millinery. A contemporary of both Lilly Dache and Mr. John was another prominent milliner, Sally Victor. 

Lilly Daché: Building a Millinery Empire

One of the 'Big Three' New York milliners - along with John Fredericks (Mr John) and Sally Victor - Lilly Daché was a powerful fashion industry influencer, both commercially and creatively.

Mr John: Master of Invention

In the 1940s and 50s, American hat designers were at the forefront of millinery style. One of the most famous names of the time was Mr. John. 

Coco Chanel: Hats to Haute Couture

Several well known fashion designers, including Jeanne Lanvin, Lucile and Halston, started out as milliners. The iconic Coco Chanel also took this career path.

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