Textile Stiffener Sampler Pack

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Specialty textile stiffener created in the 1950's and now manufactured in Belgium.  Polyacetate and plasticizers leave a highly transparent finish with no discoloration on light colored fabrics. Available in four concentrations, this is a sampler pack of the different concentrations:

Durtex - Strongest concentration, high rigidity and waterproofing capabilities, leaves a light gloss finish

Paille - Medium firmness with water resistance, medium to heavy fabrics. Light flexibility

Caritax - No gloss firmness for straw, denim, sinamay, paper, felt, lace. Medium flexibility

Feutrex - Light concentration, smooth firmness and flexibility, works on felt, lace, silk, paper and other lightweight materials

Highly flammable, shipping is available by Ground in continental USA only. Four 250ml bottles with safety lid.

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