Jaquard Pre-Reduced Indigo

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Natural Indigo, and Synthetic Indigo, takes a considerable amount of effort to get it into a working dye bath. First off, it is not soluble in water. It has to be ground, pasted up, then most recipes call for reducing it chemically with Sodium Hydrosulfite or Lye (nasty stuff). It is very involved and can be time consuming.

As an alternative, try this Pre-reduced Indigo. Synthetic Indigo (chemically identical to natural Indigo) has been pre-reduced chemically, then dried, so it dissolves in water right off the bat.

The 3/4 oz packet is enough for about a 3-gallon vat and to dye up to 5lbs of fabric, or around 15 T-shirts. Click on the 'Instructions' tab above for complete directions.

Made in: INDIA (IN)

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