Paille Textile Stiffener

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This is a specialty textile stiffener created in the 1950's and now manufactured in Belgium.  This stiffener is made with polyacetate and plasticizers that leave a highly transparent finish with no discoloration on light colored fabrics.

Available in five concentrations - Xtra 36 which 140% concentration, Durtex at 100%, Paille is 50%, Caritex 33% and Feutrex 25% concentration. Paille is the second strongest concentration (50%) for thick textiles and gives medium firmness with flexible rigidity and water resistance.

Highly flammable, shipping available by Ground in continental USA only. Comes in a one liter, .5 liter or .25 liter bottle with safety lid.

Recommended to be used with natural bristle brushed. Do not rinse with water. Cleaner/thinner and brushes available in the Stiffener section of the store.

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